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lirik lagu 3lw – naughty on christmas


[verse 1:]
you and me together alone
fireplace, watchin the snow
holding me up in your arms, watcha wanna do?
i’m in the mood to put it down slow
catchin you under the mistletoe

tonight is just for you and me
you can cut my xmas tree
baby it’s alright to be naughty on xmas
i’ll slide down your chimney
misbehave it’s cool with me
baby it’s alright to be naught on xmas

[verse 2:]
melodies soothing the soul
baby please don’t say no
i don’t need to be in control
boy, it’s up to you
i got a gift
i know you got mine too
and you don’t have to wrap it up (i’m cool)
you’re all i want for xmas eve baby, that’s the truth
no, we don’t need no toys, you give me xmas joy
we’ll spend this holiday together like all lovers do

[repeat chorus]

i just want to lay and cuddle boy, i love you babe
don’t you feel like causing trouble on this xmas day?
if i had to choose it wouldn’t be no other way
i know it don’t sound right but it’s okay