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lirik lagu 3 prong outlet – losers lunch


i took her to my highschool senior prom
but everything that could went wrong
she didnt like the guys i knew
and the real me started coming through
went to a party after the dance
with a 30 pack to get in her pants
i drank it all, puked on her shirt
she told me i was quite the flirt

how my doing ill say fine
cause i wake up knowing you’ll be mine
school is out, lets live it up
me and my summer girl
yea im a loser they told me so
tell me something i dont know
hang out in our little world
me and my summer girl

thought id pack a losers lunch
with all my stupid pick up stunts
she said she loved me anyways
and said to ring her up someday
called her monday afternoon
to meet behind the middle school
we sat on a corner smoked ciggarettes
and life dont get much better than this