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lirik lagu son of a shotgun – strike above the neck


strike above the neck

they say
your never gonna make it
they pray
for me to fail

this rage
you put inside me
i say
there is only onething left to do

strike above the neck

my dog tells me to open you up

vers 2
all the suage from you mouth
fules my inspiration
if my f~cking head falls of
ill stil keep on grinding
not even the sky is the limit
not even the botte bottom
you want it
you want it
blow yiur f~cking mind
you got it
here you come again
trampling on my flowerbed
i dreamt last night you died
cancer chewed on your ass

i sayd we’re done
you heard it right

i sayd we’re done
mark my words
hard times in sight

whats done is done
whats said is done

my problems
you wanna talk about my problems
im talking to a problem
your like a nail without a head
rhymes with dead
what you waiting for
the time is here
i see clear
there’s only onething left to do

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