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lirik lagu 27reeves – 12am freestyle


it came to me in a trip
a life began then it went
it was 12 hours of my time
but it was crazy as sh~t
felt like 16 years was spent
the death was then imminent
i had to go through it all
to get through here from the pit
i made restricted to vent
then the experience sent
the vision i jumped off
that building had me thinking i went
i then gave into that sh~t
dissociated, f~ck it
and then i broke into a realm
i couldn’t see that intent

(oh sh~t!)
that was the wrong way the whole timе
doing this sh~t i got on my mind
rolling that blunt ’til i survive
this turned into a freestyle last minutе
tryna undo all of this sh~t i couldn’t get away with
i’m rolling a blunt, i’m going to mars
i’m doing this sh~t, yeah, right out my garage
i don’t have a garage but i’m up in my room now
i’m high as f~ck now, i’m just recording this out
i had to give you all the f~cking time
i was right out of my mind
i had to roll up a joint, i had to get it then ask for it
i had to get the pieces out the motherf~ckin’ gate though
the gate though
rolling with the k~roll, the k~roll
this sh~t don’t make sense
cause i’m motherf~ckin’ gone
do it all night, motherf~ck the sh~t up on the law
all night long, yeah
this don’t make sense in the past
i’m rollin’ blunts in the grass
i gotta go down there real fast
and if you wanna talk to me
then go ahead and get your motherf~ckin’ proceeds now
get your motherf~ckin’ papers and
the people that you signed it with
so i can say f~ck off to your face
(get your motherf~ckin’ papers and)
(the people that you signed it with)
(so i can say f~ck off to your face)