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lirik lagu zelly ocho – ​been real 2024.wav


[verse 1]
i don’t like to talk
i barely like to walk
i got a flight so i call
we still buy pills and drink to rest? and fight dawg
ionno what i thought
n~~~as only try to follow trends ohmygod
she can’t get me hard, b~tch im still soft
that’s how you know you ain’t wait for me at all
they told me blame the pills, but i blaming yall
they told me to blame the lean
i can’t lean on yall
in my brand new truck, catch a k!ll
and that b~tch told me i don’t k!ll
rapping for that check i get some will
trying to get some respect i never feel

i been doing me, it been real x8

[verse 2]
what you think you can’t do back re~real
once the pint open up, resell
how you gon fake f~ck with me that’s not rеal
i bet my life on the linе and my sk!lls
banana clip on a choppa slippin pill
don’t give a f~ck what they say, n~~~a i’m past it
i seen the racks and i stuck with it and went after it
i’m going forward not going backwards

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