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lirik lagu z – ro – on my grind


[verse 1: z-ro]
uhh… i’m already living my dream but i remember when it was a vision to me to see myself on top and spending some cheese comin from tha bottom wasn’t appealing to me
didn’t have one bread c.e.n.t i was tired being b.r.o.k.e started sellin green w.e.e.d and ended up sellin white.d.o.p.e from a bench to a couch with foldout bed didn’t sleep on it i stash work inside of it
instead even if it was rainin tha block still got bled you don’t work you don’t eat that’s what somebody said i was riding tha bus (?) was riding red j-rock was riding blue them had bread motivated my hustle
i was full speed ahead even doe tha kids won’t mind they still got fed my nigas were comin up i was just breaking ground 15s in they trunk my trunk didn’t make a sound it made a young niga really wanna move around tha
way tha hataz and all tha hoes talk down but dope still sold and my pockets got fatta if a women had beef then i already had her ppl will chitta chatta but to me it didn’t matta i was b-mpin for a profit tryna climb up tha ladda

i gotta staaay on my griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind… i’m gon be hustlen till i loose my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind
i gotta staay on my griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ii iiiiiiiiind… i’m gon be hustlen till i loose my miiiiiiiiiiiiind… till i loose my miiiii iii iiiiiiind

[verse 2: z-ro]
november 16 2000 was tha day my niga robert earl davis past away but to me he more tha worlds greatest dj to alot ppl he was music on tha gray tape when he counted to most he really had my back and if i fell off he got me
back on track he said why you out there sellin pot of pack stracks when you can begin u money for raps that’s what i did put down tha drugs and started pimpin tha pen many record labels started getting me in concerts full of so
many women and men that word would of had me living in prison for 10 but uh money, hoes, cars, clothes came from flows not quarters to have tha whole os this (?) as tha cold king johny got me lookin live a light show but don’t get it
twisted i’m still on my grind 2 cash anotha check it’s still on my mind i got rich down with a brick but with a rhyme like fat pat mayne hold up it’s goin down i made it out tha ghetto but i’m still real with it pull up on my old block and chill for a minute
use to walk around tha corner now one of my cars did it i huslte like i’m broke i promise i’m gon get


[verse 3: z-ro]
i grind in tha studio all night long from a start to tha finish of anotha tight song a platinum plaque is what i set my sights it’s a master piece soon as i turn my mic on but workin in tha lab is tha easy part some ppl will finish before they can even start
to make it in this industry you gotta have heart distributors and record label will tare you apart like a niga want 20 but he got 6 dollas make you wanna grad and sn-tch a trick by his colla they leave ya bullsh-t to see if you would follow the rap game
is meat it’s hard to swallow but me i’m a devolve anything in my place hustle hard city to city, state to state nothing come to a sleepa so i’m stayin awake i’m a screwed click niga with money to make