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lirik lagu yxng don – strictly business


i done hit y’all with some hard facts (true that)

it ain’t new tatic im the one they hate on ( yaa knew that )

did sh~t i ain’t know i was capable
came in shaking the table

new articles, new headlines, no label
my numbers will knock out ya cable

said that sh~t a year ago, gang still gon ride
you know about big don, them real n~ggas gon slide

manifested a lot of this that’s happening now
i put bread in this just know i ain’t f~cking around

me and my team told you f~ck n~ggas just watch
if you ain’t seeing the vision, b~tch kick rocks

i ain’t wasting no money talking bout no opp
my sh~t speak for its self come on, who on top

asking don when you gon drop

my sh~t gon show stop
casamigos 21 shots

cut 30 tracks big chop

get major love from every city down to nyc

check the insights b~tch who coming hard as me

stand on sh~t with no back up
broke n~ggas time to pack it up
pretty b~tches act up
slouch n~ggas get ya racks up

been the goat before the title was given to me
brown like a penny but she a dime, i call her boogie

i’m going, all. the. way. up. like a bape hoodie
if you want the party, hit my line or book me

it’s me big don the most acclaimed
don’t act confuse b~tch you know the name
f~ck the subs, i got good aim
ain’t a thang b~tch i’ll make it rain

working on diamond plaques, for every wall in my crib
i do everything big, n~gga i handle biz
anything to get this money got no f~cks to give
i’m from the city of the reckless
what the f~ck you think this is

put your ear into these street how much you bet they mention me ?

with this rap sh~t i’m a beast, won’t compete i can be beat

i think it’s time y’all have a seat, or join the table and come and eat

just a reminder, i’m elite, i stand alone with my 2 feet

long story short, this strictly business, now hit repeat

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