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lirik lagu yung specter – ghostface!


verse: ghostface got a glock 19 in my briefcase
f~ck around with me and you get lace
i got a mace to your face that sh~t is medieval
pull up in drive by in my harley davison call me evil canevil
paul mccartney swag
these teenage girls screaming my name like im one of the beatles

verse: country boy listen boy
this gun ain’t no toy
bust a cap on my opp k!lljoy
stop saying that your glock has a d~ck
that sounds like some g~y sh~t and i got the gothic cowboy drip
i need a cigar and a dirty sprite i need a sip my lady got black lips but she ain’t a chainsmoker she got a cowgirl hat and her neck has a choker
i like to play rough but i don’t like to chokе her

verse: you a wisе guy? that’s a f~cking lie global warming ain’t real shut the f~ck up bill nye
only time i don’t gotta k!ll n0body is when im high like a bird in the sky
chill out babe let’s have some wine i can’t walk outside without getting shot so that’s why i stay inside but im not a p~ssy so i’ll go outside and if the opps run up on me there gonna die

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