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lirik lagu yung crochy – been too wrong


you “standing on business” i hope it don’t break
i seen a baddie i know she got cake
im on my sh~t yeah i been too wrong
wherever im going yo girl come along

i like ya style i f~ck wit it heavy
i see u play with them b~lls like you messi

please wait your turn don’t cut in line
never done coke i ain’t cutting no lines

i see my homie i shoutout yogurt
proud single lady shoutout my boy kurt
a wink and a smile yeah that’s how u flirt
give u my heart just don’t treat it like dirt

all in my business like you a paid mole
we got the bounce yeah we must be from sеoul
making this up as i go how i roll
reaching platinum yeah that’s my goal

her turn to diе she gonbee my boo
don’t know the tea like when was this rue
shakespearean bars be gone with you
done with ur bs i’ve had it with you
what’s ur type, my name aoi todo
all of these singles i be stacking more dough

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