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lirik lagu youniqueness (younique) – toak freestyle


two of a kind freestyles
bon appetit x look at me now x hit or miss x a milli

bon appetit

planted, planted seeds
now i eat, bon appetit
had to sow, now i reap
eliminate frenemies
now i grow, while they see
3~d, live my movie
them haters said i wouldn’t
i’m sorry, they couldn’t prove it

they were wrong, i was right
so i won, not gonna lie

and to all my loser friends out there who said i wouldn’t make it
y’all, y’all better eat your words with no taste in

yeah, i know, yeah
might be hard to swallow
your own words and eat
but bon appetit, mm, bon appétit

now, i’m the one they follow
want my recipe notes?
still, they can’t copy
but bon appetit, bon appétit

verse 2:
let me spill the tea, in my dreams ima follower
in reality, i got my role to be a leader, yeah
i’m too allergic to be a sheep
rather i flip the script, thirsting leadership
still, i’m hungry for success, thanks the haters fed me less
they thought holding on my progress may put me at rest
harsh truth, sorry to break it for you
ain’t feeding me enough, only made me much hungrier

look at me now

okay, double oak, spell it out, let me explain, look
the way i entertain, ain’t the same, uniquely named
look at me now, standing out, from the crowd
look at me now, got the spot, and the shine

got haters watch me on repeat
all eyes on me, like tv screens
my life is a party, movie scene
they just look, ain’t part of it

whenever i enter
any room, i’m the center
they know me, need no presenter

i k!ll the verse, call it rhyme crime
like leshurr, write good lines
murder beats, so wild
my fans see me online
from ig to yt
got viewers
worldwide, globally consumers
uk, canada to us
i’m getting famous (fun scene)
celebrity glases

automatic flow
too facile
rapping so dope
i keep spitting them words

like, boom
i k!ll the mic like bowling strike
get it right
if you hand it, i’m gon nail it
straight, on my first try

(speech 1)


hit or miss
take the risk, hit or miss
50/50, chance, split
lose or win, no in between
go hard or home, bitter pill

oops!, if i tripped
oh, i’ll flip the script
i never slippedbounce back up like i never slipped

this is how it is, briefly
easy peasy lemon squeezy
losers fail, winners nails
easy said, no details

i’m winning, not by chance
i been watering my plants
executed on them plans, beforehand

look at me now
look at me now, mm
who’s like younique?

look at me now
look at me now
fresher than you ever be

a milli

i’m one in a million
special out of billions
the way i rock this music thing

beat’s, hot grilling
flow’s cold, chilly
rapping, sk!lly
verses, k!lly
mood on top, so thrilling

ima young girl, got that young money
my money’s growing up fast, compared to me
can’t even take to account the amount
milli here, milli there
make it rain everywhere

money talk’s my lingo
hit it big, bingo
they know i’m the magnet
cause i have the m’s, been so

neighbours calllin’, ring, ring
cash calling, ching ching
woah, is that money, money
comin, comin