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lirik lagu yotearfa – infinity


i believed until the last
infinity, infinity

[verse 1]
why everybody watch on me?
everybody i can see it
i just wanna to be heard
you just wanna me to hurt me
i don’t need no one to guide me
i want you to feel inside me
ghouls on path i can see they bait me

[verse 2]
everyday starts at night
i can’t sleep on sh~t
end me on a cold tile
drop my body
let me bleed
for the one who find me ~ walk away, i died
for the ones who tryna save me ~ keep this song in your player
i believed until the last that it would all end
i believed in one but for her i just a friend
now i understand that this game has no end
infinity, infinity
i found addiction in person that i loved
i found a princess in cruel world
she can’t stay with me and it’s enough
24/7 depression mode

infinity, infinity
infinity, infinity
infinity, infinity
infinity, infinity

[verse 3]
it’s so hard to leave
you a masterpiece
life is not a gift, i can blow it in the air
and hard to breathe, i can never stay here
i can never stop working, r.i.p shakespeare
like a ghost i go, went through the miles
baby keep it slow, i can make you smile
i can make another rough step, forward to die
i can make another step, if you’ll lift me high

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