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lirik lagu ycfloweazy – little favor


need a little favor
savor the moments
opponents be the saviors
turn to stone
when you on your worst behavior
cicadas in the summer time
cater to us
in the silence
to the violence
i don’t know how you feel
you ain’t clear with it
see we near
then tomorrow you ain’t sincere with it
i bare with it
bare witness
it’s mere sickness

little favor
am i the one you favor
or the weekly flavor
i can’t explain
why i stick around

i guess it’s because i care
and even if these feelings we could never share
i’ve got it let it out in the air
i’m tired of you saying you’re great, just wait
you’ll find the one
as you act dumb
like you’re not the one leaving me numb
just be straight up
don’t make me wait up
while you get your mind made up
it’s not your lack of affection that’s k!lling me, it’s the not knowing
it’s the make dinner plans then you not going
it’s the celebrate, champagne pouring
then you not showing

small favor
let me in your mind
remind you, no time
can’t rewind to what’s behind you
you know what you want? who you lyin’ to?
when it’s me you’re cryin’ to
i don’t know what to believe
these mixed signal i receive
i releieve
by poppin two alleve
take my heart off my sleeve
then i leave