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lirik lagu ybc marcus – king of r.i remix (feat) wrldblur


(ybc marcus)
gotta give back gotta put my whole city on a map u can hate  ya shawty still finna slide up on my story saying ybc marcus wanna date but i can’t trust these hoes gotta stay to the code never fold
never snitch ya b~tch on my d~ck i don’t even rep like that buh it’s 286 to the bricks no hate to you 560 n~ggas just saying what come off the dome and i’m home alone so if u rlly want beef we can end this sh~t in the streets i get paid to rap on beats

aye shoot the choppa with the scope
i said shorty drop it down to the flow
she said no i dont wanna do that
fake love no fake drugs you already know
pop a perk then i black out
ima get all the money with the cash now
ima shoot the choppa go boom boom make it go really fast king of r.i you already know
me and ybc
me and ybcmarcus we been going really slow
hit the money then i stack it up wit a bro
we goin get all the money till i set you close
like shoot em shoot em shoot em close
ima get like all the money did you already know
get the mic start recording in the studio
me and ybcmarcus already know
yeah babe
shorty said can i hit the high notes you said you already know
shorty said can i hit the high notes you already know
ima get like all the money then i get the whole bag
ima get the whole cash
she goin put you in the grave till i get all the money everyday
the choppa go boom
then the choppa go pew pew
ima get all the money
woah woah
i said it’s a long day shorty keep on saying it’s a bad day
cause shes long gone know drugs know sorrow
put you in teh grave we make money everyday
choppa go scope scope
ima hit you wit a boom
ima hit you wit a choppa before it go pew pew
we make money everyday
you get money aye
yeah i put you in the grave