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lirik lagu @wolfychu – i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate homework


when i go to school i see my friends,i eat lunch,i play outside with my phone,i play on my chrome book,i get to learn,until! i get home work all the time and when i get home i have to do my home work an d it takes up my time i dont get to do what i wanna do i dont get my own time what is wrong with haveing fun but instead i have to do wooooorrrrrrk i hate home work i haaaaaaaaaaaaate home work if you guys agree then we will all know how it feels to be ruin i dont get to go to the places i wanted to go why did you teachers give us pressur so much stress i can not move my life in this i must feel so much stress every one knock on my door they wanted to play with me and hang out with me but i said instead i got to do my freakin home work im sorry but i have to turn this in tomarrow every one leaves then i got more and more homework then i ditch it all just to have some fun with my frriends