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lirik lagu ​wolfacejoeyy – ​cake


lyrics from snippets

(powr up) okay
(oh) yeah, huh, for sure
i told her she s~xy, she said, “periodt, purr”
uh, it don’t matter who you f~ckin’, lil’ baby, ’cause i hit it first
baby, i’ma put her to work
i’m just tryna get up under your skirt (oh)
huh, okay, for sure
uh, lil’ shawty, she got cake, tryna eat me like dessert (for sure)
uh, shawty got a pretty face, i could tell that she a flirt (okay, okay)
uh, no, i can’t give you my heart, my ex b~tch did me the worst
but you could swing my— (ah), huh, you can swing my way
tell me what you wanna— (ooh), tell me what you wanna say (okay)
we can hop up in that coupe and we can go to outersp~ce
or you can stay home with that n~gga who don’t take you on no datеs
it’s your way…

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