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lirik lagu woe is me - mannequin religion


“mannequin religion”

six feet under the earth is where you’ll reside
it’s time to see the b-st-rd you’ve become,
because i know your father didn’t raise you this way
the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,
and everybody says, you’re just like me
i begin to lift up my own flaws, to better you

they say my head is my only prison, so i’ll lock you up, i’ll nail you down,
i keep you safe, i’ll keep you sound, i’ll burn this to the ground
so watch where you’re standing, for this ground sinks so quick
when you are drowning, in water all so thick, i won’t hear you screaming now

i am the monster you created, and like a mountain we look down on kings
you reside in me, my thoughts and my dreams, won’t die

i had a feeling this lie would go insane,
i should stab this vengeance through your name

i will survive only to eat you alive

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