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lirik lagu wiz khalifa – the grinder


the grinder

uh, rolling up the gr-ss, living badder than them n-gg-s
that i used to look up to, i can show you how to come up
yeah, i came up from the gutter to a condo out in hollywood
where the weathers good and the parties always popping up or
somebody be dropping off some trees
i mean i got enough to go around everything for the free so you ain’t gotta
smoke with me and my homies down to go at any one town and get this paper
i swear ain’t n-body do me no favours
twisting up the medicine, sh-tting on my compet-tion
easy part’s forgetting, but the hardest part’s to try forgiving
n-gg-s for mistaking me, or thinking as the one to wait up on
cause i was young thought i was dumb
n-gg-, what you made’s a photographic memory
now look at my wife, she got a p-rnographic figure
and my autograph is bigger to your nieces and your nephews
and those other ones not to mention your n-gg-s
you caught ’em repping taylor gang with us

i see tmz cameras, paparazzi taking pictures
i spark up a j and ask ’em if they wanna take one with us
made man, ain’t n-body make a n-gg-
’bout to book a flight to vegas, tryna take one with us
you n-gg-s too small dawg, i’m thinking bigger
critics comment on how i’m smoking weed and drinking liquor
on how i was nominated, but not the winner
but you should start counting on how much i made this year

yeah n-gg-, i’m up in the air, n-gg-
and the sh-t that i got on cost some money to wear, n-gg-
owner of the team, i ain’t even a player, n-gg-
four hours up, n-gg-s ain’t caring now it’s getting dark for you n-gg-s it ain’t even fair, n-gg-
blowing h-lladank, i mean so much i think it’s growing out my hair
the weed is in the jar, the grinder is over there

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