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lirik lagu wiz khalifa – blindfolds


(feat. juicy j)

real trippy n-gg-s
la musica de harry

hippy n-gg-s
uh n-gg- my mom blow that kinda cash n-gg- what you talkin bout
pop bottles and sh-t
groceries fool

uh you know i kill
any motherf-cking song that i go on
and i don’t gotta count the money that i spend
’cause i get it in
my bread so long, my bank big n-gg- roll on
my brain fried n-gg- so long
i hate fake n-gg-s and so on
take all the money that i made
the sharing be out the reason that you’re waiting
plus i smoke the bombest weed i call it californication
a island for vacation i’m callin all this cake
a hundred thousand for the safe
just baught a pound and i’m a face it
now watch me you n-gg-s see my pieces tryn copy
my rollie presidential plus the rings that i got on
by versace and i ain’t even c-cky
i’m just confident that i’m the sh-t
you hatin mother f-ckers know what time it is

i’m just ridin round my side of town
got my windows up and my speaker loud
and we smokin so i’m gonna need a pound
bet the haters wish they can see me now
but the money in the way
erry one of us gettin money bruh
but money in the way
my n-gg- on the real, all you see is dollar bills

i blow a hundred band get the f-ck around with
that holdin you in love with the hoe i mess around with
cuff up with the taylor, would you drink my paper
my music f-ck my people but tonight i’m doing yayger
20 years on and i ain’t falling off
n-gg-s flex about the check and they run their mouth
ferrari pull up guess hoppin out
with a double couple in hand and some money count
rockin louie this i’m rockin louie that
louie on my -ss, louie on my hat
when i hit the club louie in my hand
that’s the louie 13, louie in my gl-ss