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lirik lagu werd n deeko – hate me now


[movie samples:]
this guys methodical his acting and worse of all his patience

he’s a nut job (have you lost your f-cking mind)

do they look like psychos? is that what they look like? psychos?
i don’t give a f-ck how crazy they are

because we kill… everything we see

it’s alive it’s alive it’s alive!

sitting casual deeming what other rappers do
deek is a rapper deeko could out rap your crew
i don’t snort lines i write them with all the time in the world
go ahead find someone you can confide in
bringing earth wind and fire into the lighting
showing the whole world the definition of frightening
bats cutting your neck with sharp teeth biting
welcome to my torture chamber are you excited
where guns busters and bloodsuckers are all invited
your blood rushes we start ruckus’s it is violent
sitting watching people expire as a light a blunt
you know what they say, gotta watch the quiet ones
so when i find your tongue i make you swallow it
drain the blood from your forearm before i bottle it
i make you sing louder than rick james b-tch
as i apply pressure and tear out your rib cage b-tch
could give you a face lift without using a scalpel
pull your upper lip over your head i am a psycho
your life is final when i’m beside you know the knife will
make your body half and half like an albino
wondering where to start first cut should be the deepest
treat your body like a chino xl alb-m and leak it
you must believe it i am a sworn heven a born demon
who performs evil upon people who seek it
i want sadam to sell me bomb so a’l attach it to your arm
and watch your particles splatter across the ceiling
so how you feeling what’s your judgment are you ready to leave
sure but not before your dead from disease
i take the sword towards your neck put your head on your knees
only did that cause you said someone was better than me
want to get rid of all the ignorant illiterate idiots
i’m tried of all this hating this sh-t is getting ridiculous
you raise up off the ground and i’m coming back with a bigger fist
sh-tty rappers stay underground like where biggie is
no disrespect big but am the next kid
that will speak out through his bars without getting arrested
slit a mothers stomach leaving the womb to become infected
she gave birth to a sick son of a b-tch that’s some i’ll sh-t