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lirik lagu we out here – lil x


[verse 1: palacio]
been convinced to pop a xan
vivid lucid dreams no one seems to understand
quickly shift the scene on some devil shaking hands
conversations in advance
we gon’ see how look you last
we gon’ pray that you
go find your daddy
probably locked up somewhere stuck in an attic
quick ‘fore i panic
find a remote and start switching the channel
put him to sleep
he might turn to an animal

[verse 2:palacio]
i feel this weed
messing with my memory
aside from evil never leaving me
i’m feeling free
stuck with glimpses of a goony g
i used to be
plottin’ p-ssy, money, weed
now what’s your need?
the devil was on the scene
believe me it was me
conversations in advance manifested quickly
light beams, life streams, life seems
so simplistic
gepetto might go pull some strings now who’s the victim
subconscious is never forgetting karmas clearly not forgiving
i mean
i’d rather fall asleep and not think about it

[verse 3:palacio]
been convinced to pop a xan
tell me who is he
no one seems to understand boy you fit the king
go run quick and publish to all of his friends and family
he’s clearly suicidal before he’s chosen above
he’s clearly suicidal ‘fore he’s chosen by rival and made an idol by fans

they rather see me all alone
lost dog as it rains on
good god put a seed in my brain
let the rain come