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lirik lagu wale – let’s chill


“let’s chill”
(feat. lloyd)

[verse 1 – wale]
okay heaven sent this melody so let me sing it to ya
and i call you ms. folarin see that got a ring, don’t it
and i got this thing for ya my infiniti’s infiniti
put that on everything these other b-tches anything
i’m just tryna chill a bit play with it and blaze a bit,
then play you all my latest sh-t
lately i been stressing so i need you like i’m crazy
music full of relevant and money’s overrated
that’s why i spend it like i look at it with hatred
to look at you is painful, cuz i ain’t seen you naked
but i’ma wait it out i’m bout to see that drought
cuz if i hit it now these feelings take a different route
so, i’m on some 40 days and night sh-t
feeling like it’s ramadan and i just need a bite quick
tryna get inside your mind without that night shift
so i’ma be aight for the night with a goodbye kiss

[lloyd – chorus]
let’s chill
girl i don’t want to rush tonight
take your time when you’re with me baby
so i can give you what you need, i know what you like
let’s chill
it’s obvious that girl you’re fine
but i just wanna make love to your mind
so if you open up your heart i’ll give you mine
let’s chill

[verse 2 – wale]
usually ain’t nothing
usually one and done up she done up and looking beautiful
that don’t mean i’ma stunt up
no need to rush it, we got forever babygirl
we getting closer every moment i’ve been waiting for it
ain’t saying i don’t need it, if you gave it i would take it
have you shaken i would break you off
without a second thought, but you got my respect is all
and i can show you all this love without a bit of s-x involved
maybe i foreplay it, maybe i kiss it lady,
and even if we don’t speak you still as imitations[?]
that’s how this lovin be, love it when she under me
she say that she celibate, i penetrate her mentally
so if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be
hold on to the now, cuz i know s-x be changing everything
if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be
she say i think i’m ready, if it change just remember me


aww girl, good s-x and money ain’t all i have to give
there’s no counterfeit but least[?] naw girl it’s real
it’s a quarter to light, the perfect time to chill
you mean more than a million girls
ooohhhh so let’s chill


c’mon and let’s chill baby
let’s chill

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