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lirik lagu usurper – slaughter storm


eyes of fire
borni in blasphemy
evil i desire
for i am prophecy
tenebrous shape shifter
in tongues i have spoken
claws of the feline
elusive as smoke

slaughterstorm on sheeps hill

guns they fire
with dogs of war they track the blood
i -ssume the shape
of fire, water, air and mud
obscure are my ways
to destroy the flocks of weak
demonic transformation
a wolf amongst human sheep

[repeat chorus]

i am the fiend born of demonic seed
into your world made flesh
elemental drone from dimensions unknown
for i am the storm of death
c’mon winds of hate
as i -ssume the shape
for i’m at one with the night
i’m the air you breath in
i’m unholy water of sin
i’m the earth
i’m the fire you light

beyond all realms of time
for i am the essence of all evil

electromagnetic winds
manfest into a beating heart
the breath of six hundred and sixty-six lost souls
the weak human race is my clay