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lirik lagu ungraved – link of chain


sun will rise for tomorrow’s battle
and now i sit near stormy river
i hear sound of quiet flute
my life become dearer…

my soul, forget your fear!
the war – is our life.
my future drown in stream
this thoughts are like a knife

one – is more than you think,
no mercy, if you fall
my blade, save my force –
hatred to my foe’s
war-cry, i hear him in dreams
take leave of sky.
it’s not sentence, it’s a call,
your resistance is a trap.

[chorus 1:]
i brace your fetters
and my blade is own revenge
you lost control. can you live with
wild wish to kill!…
wish to kill!…

[chorus 2:]
burn to ashes own fear
(it’s a) link of infinite chain.

[repeat chorus 1]