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lirik lagu tyrone wells – tyrone yodels


so when i was 13 years old, i was with my dad on the i-84 freeway
and i have 4 sisters that hardly ever get alone with my dad
and somehow we got alone
we’re on the oregon freeway, i84 i grew up in washington
we’re hanging out, it’s just me and him, and i’m 13 years old
so we’re driving along and he gets kind of serious
and he turns to me and says to me
“tyrone?”, and i go, “yeah dad?”
“you know your grandma agnes?”, “my grandma agnes, yeah
i know my grandma agnes.”
he said, “she used to yodel.
and i said, yeh ok dad, that’s cool alright
and we’re just driving along
and it gets kind of quiet and he’s contemplative
and he goes, hey tyrone
yeah dad, what dad?
your grandma agnes, she taught me how to yodel
and i said, alright dad, that’s cool
we’re driving along, and it’s really quiet now and serious
tyrone, yeah what?
now it’s your turn to yodel

so he taught me how to yodel when i was 13 years old
and i know you’re all dying to hear me yodel right now
so actually this is part of the show where you snap your fingers like this
this is the song my dad taught me on the i84 freeway when i was 13, so here it goes

way out on the windswept desert
where nature favors no man
a buffalo found his brother
asleep on the sun baked sand
and he said brother what ails you
has sickness got you this way
but the brother never said because the brother was dead
he’d been dead since away last may

[tyrone yodeling]

i can feel the jealousy

[tyrone continues yodeling]