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lirik lagu turban rocket – c0tt0n p1ckkk3r


you get fly wearing designer with some jordan’s
i get fly in straight designer but shoes gon say dior
you can take a look at my chain but you can’t afford it
a n~gga touch my chain that’s the day that h~ll froze over
i was made for the trappin & the scamming
a n~gga sent some shots at me now it’s time to do some damage
can’t get caught w a hoe i’m never posing for her camera
n~gga mad at me he think i hit his b~tch i should’ve rammed her
this cartier watch is the only clock i ever punched
~beep~ went to jail on purpose he know he running out of luck
yo whole crew full of b~tches got guns but ain’t gonna let them bust
i’m loyal to my b~tch to an extent ain’t tryna hear her fuss
ima rude f~ck don’t trick on sl~ts she want me pay for dinner
i made a 10 & poured a 8 that sh~t was f~ckin up my liver
smoking straight dead opps the smoke look like michael jackson thriller
if your black and u work a 9~5 your a cotton picker
bad b~tch you would take her out for lunch i treat her like she average
5k you ain’t got that to your name i spent that on sum glasses
me & dev racing w the money counter let’s see who’s go the fastest
i pull a 100k out the bank ima wire master
ion never stretch my legs out but i’m steady bendin
i ain’t gotta go to no farm just to see sum chicken
i’ll spin on any n~gga block jus keep me out yo mention
i ain’t worried bout a b~tch or a opp b~tch i’m undefeated

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