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lirik lagu tundramane - drowning machine


left leg down from the ground, no more walk out
right hand gripping on all my hatred, i can’t put it down
voices inside my head, why i still talk?
i ain’t no one i wrestle with, i’m at my best is when
i wake up to an empty tome
i don’t think i’ll make it most of the time
but i just drown it out
i just blink my eyes and blink my light, got rid of all my doubts
that means that i broke the f~cking barrier, went through the closet
f~ck you, what about me? i got better business waiting
in another world i fall followed the passive grown
how it since this gets to every hour
i can better hеar that song
it’s coming close with every hour
i’m keep it [?]
i’vе got my life, i’ll keep it shrouded
never fiending for some power
all i wanted was to drown
fill my lungs and let it out until i’m done
still i clone to everything i ever loved
watch it pull me from the sides
i’m sure it’s on the short swoosh in
i was backed out under with the mud
uploaded from the ground
and battered from the rocks
until i’m war with the world, i used to make me beg of plea
oints of wages, like i said, but then i’d really see this
in my sh~t to sell the things
i try to stay about until i say
i held on to what i have, and now i’m down below the tree

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