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lirik lagu trolleycat​ – u4 headband freestyle


k!lla pink headband
hydrilla colored clams
diva inna lego system
everything she wants ~ wham!
even got the spirit box tweakin like a walkman
he been up to something
prolly got a daw tricked out to his coffin
trolley a chopper flp’er ass dolphin
bubbler spout spitting out lyrical toxin (yep)

one minute the kit~kat done gone swilling
found some cavities in the mix that require fill’ns
ya yams over spoke about my style and my possessions
makes cents when damocles is aimed at your profession cause
everything you mid i know i did but done k!lled it
whеn i’m rolling through your “whys” with me and my six digits
so tally ya lucky stars and blame it on horse shoеs
it’s that locus of control that’s gonna run it back to you so…
amnesia, sedated, crystalized, you’re faded
coma folding, i flay fronting
f~ck a vile of krill i pill posh’n
chalking sounds of product when you packing oxycontin
i so p~e~t~t~y, i
praying you inna bando clotting upon a hogtie

growth asinine
900 spined²
dempsey roll remedies
suplex canines
chuck doctor tapes
scr~pes to re~whine
let that b~tch bleed, scars of felines
a lovely bubbly agony
sokushinbutsu this dirt nap i’m dusting
that mokujikigyo and shades all you bumpin
or phone my hugo’s to shootdown and toss em