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lirik lagu troller - no permission


[intro: troller]

[verse 1: troller]
gd shorts slop, that’s like all you can do
also scam little children and their parents too
with your stupid courses, just get the f~ck out
the one learning lesson should be you, no doubt (oh~my~god)
how does andrew’s d~ck taste? yeah, i realized
praising a rapist, how am i surprised
you’re good at ignoring bad things people say
you too say dumb sh~t all the time anyway

[chorus: troller]
what is the point of money and fame?
when everyone in the world thinks that you’re lame
what is the point of money and fame?
n0body likes you in this f~cking game

[verse 2: troller]
denni and trick (yeah), they both make me sick (uh)
remind me of who (who), remind me of two (uh)
denni is red and lives under the sea
and trick owns a whole nuclear factory
you ruined your name, but i guess you dont care
money’s more important than guilt you bare (bare)
[chorus: troller]
what is the point of sk!ll and more frames?
when the talent is wasted on two lames
what is the point of sk!ll and more frames?
when you’re the one that now everyone hates

[bridge: troller]
it’s trevor’s turn
get ready (yeah)

[verse 3: trevor tdk]
geometry smash to the backlash
better off working at a denny’s
don’t get it confused with denni
tricking kids to convince their parents to buy free things
it’s a geometry tate’s hustler’s university
but it’s a fake masterclass you can find publicly
grab a trident, destroying graphics
eat salad with a miner
crypto~heads sh~t~ware
swap challenges with performance
good to bad, bad to dysfunction
it’s all about the fraudulence

[verse 4: trevor tdk]
uneducated brain rotted minds
hacker to talk smack
alpha, sigma, why the f~ck are you so dumb now
better go attack your weakness ’cause
the matrix wins over your daddy, andy
tatey, people so hatey for good reasons
unauthorized, corrupt
it’s all around, don’t you see
f~cked up, you’re a sh~t
selling free things for money
promoting crypto miners to minors
you’re uneducated, a glorified hacker

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