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lirik lagu trippie redd – emani interlude


[intro: emani 22]
yeah, uh, yeah
i love trippie redd
yeah, big 14, baby
big 14, big 14, baby, ayy, yeah, yeah

[verse: emani 22]
gotta tell you something, coming up from overreacting
i don’t be asking if you’re lacking
and it must be something, you must feel the energy
you must feel it when we’re speaking
i did it all for the glory, yeah
i did it all for the sake of love
so i gotta give my time for this sh-t
so don’t you be playing with my time
yeah, i got this mothaf-ckin’ k
yeah, and it’ll blow your f-ckin’ brain away, yeah

[bridge: emani 22]
i got a feeling that it’s for real
yeah, yeah, oh, yeah
i gotta flex to be your love

[outro: trippie redd]
i hate you, i hate you, b-tch
but i love you, b-tch
don’t hit my phone, b-tch
until you get rid of that n-gg-, b-tch
then hit my phone, b-tch