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lirik lagu triple o – the amalgamation of a broken fraction


verse 1

to no surprise you arrived – innocence in your eyes
held you in my arms, didn’t shed a tear
as i’m vowing to care for you – till the day you bury me
carrying your heart till the day you carry me
credit on zneto before the conception
jeremiah 1:5 reflects the inception
now it’s a dream within a dream
layers deep, no need for a kick
head top spinning – cause i’m wide~awake
close to god, now that’s the meaning of your name
your beauty is flawless – to comprehend how much you mean to me
i seem to freeze when i think of how you believe in me
i can’t believe how your breathing is like a dream to me
i dream to see you rise above your father’s heights
now speaking into your life ~ the joy of the lord in mind
never will you suffer from depression like your father did
neither did we consider abortion, you were born to live

verse 2

we see the fury of a man given his wilder ways
an anthony joshua frame no longer white but stained
the 26th of december – that was a low blow
a boxing day to remember – we let the flurry go
chokehold, unsympathetic i’m feeling so cold
anecdote, another one added
panic –we seem to go at it
dramatic – i’m hearing baby girl in the background
we’re getting louder – but neither of us will back down
i see the facts now –
lord work on my heart; help me be tactile
never respond in emotion – i am to blame
lies catering to the pain
she’s hurting and so are you
they’ve told you to give her sp~ce
why does it have to be harder, we’re making no progression
why do words that we use skew into darker weapons
when will it get better and when will i see the day…
that we’re able to work together, no longer fuelling hate?
i hate this feeling i’m feeling i go to war with me
i stab myself in the back so i’m able to sleep
god i’m crying for a resolution
i’m crying for peace in the peace that i keep
but continue to loose it
why me? and why leave? ~ feeling selfish for asking
feeling selfish for feeling anything, heart is hardened
i beg your pardon, i beg for your passing
swing by and whisper in my ear that everything will be alright
i keep on getting it wrong, so they’re quick to remind me
but times i get it right – silence – no one wants to find me
don’t want a pat on the back for what’s expected of me
i just wanna court peace, and let your mercy judge me
i’m struggling to converse with you lord
opening up in prayer, nothing comes out
you see the darkest of my fears, the resentment i choose to hold
though my temper isn’t tiny, still i pass out


with your arms out, i lie naked before you
trusting in truth that i have to adore you
stand firm in the storm knowing you will save me
the amalgamation of a broken fraction, come and take me
with your arms out, i lie naked before you
trusting in truth that i have to adore you
stand firm in the storm knowing you will save me….

verse 3

i have this one friend; we dialogue on a daily
seem to reflect on each other the similarities
mirror the other as we simmer together
a soundboard, as the depths of accountability
cover the surface – surveying the crevice of broken hearts we hold
relinquish the past – get out of the cold
you held my hand when i was letting go
you came to when i was going fro
the definition of a real friend
your son’s father got married the other day
you called him to wish him well, the definition of real strength
as we banter back and forth, the god~mother to heart
our history runs deep, i don’t regret the start
and how it all began – the ending’s even greater
we spoke for hours this morning, i guess i’ll see you later
thank you for being a rock, when everything crumbled around me
the apple of his eye – who found me! – breathe!