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lirik lagu trellion – bronson twist


difficult (yep)
my own subject of ridicule
i never get ridiculed
as dumb as you can get
i’m the best
must have been
something that i said
(aah) i forget
is the answer ’sweg’?
that’s correct (well done)
get that p-ssy wet
get that p-ssy deaf
if that p-ssy looking dead
i f-ck her in the head
i’m just adjusting to my legs
trust, it’s been a sec
i can’t remember how to walk unless it’s into greggs
i’m too impatient to think again
you can listen to me rap, but don’t think we’re friends (uh huh)
i don’t care about your inner feelings
whipped it out, slipped it in
i had her in her feelings (ayy)
now she isn’t breathing
it just is what it is
there ain’t no hidden meanings
tell you where you can find a body
but i ain’t sorry
all i’m hearing is ‘where’s trelly?’
like i am olly
pure twisted
this half-lizard was born gifted
but can’t tell if i’m artistic or autistic
more b-tches
44 b-tches
sacrificed for the cult
and they were all christians
i hope you’re doing well
c u in h-ll