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lirik lagu tre jordan – f!r$t t!me


intro: (tre jordan)
shut up x money

(tre jordan)
i just initiated to this rap group that’s known as yg
come on tre, come and feature on this track that’s finna be on the ep
hold up, lemme tell y’all a lil bit about me
yeah, a’ight
i’m that box braid light skin motherf~cker that’s why all these b~tches like me
laying low creeping all night for the late night picking all these locks, consider me
high key, only speak on me highly
me and my twizzy x money we just pulled up and we sending shots getting blood stains on your white tee
got like 3 racks, (?), nike nicely, only speak on my name if you talking highly
this is all nightly
little bit more about me
uh, because my name is tre, upmost respect on my name
give me your attention is something you have to tame
cause i’m, always playing my cards right, y’all know i’m in the game
it’s that time, it gon’ be fine, it’ll be okay
i’m gon’ put you down real quiet, you gon’ die in silence
oh my god, you can’t talk to me, step to me, crease my kicks, oh no, please
i got bloodstains all on these enemies
passing out cheques, and i do it for free
not even seen her (cena)
word to john, look at my eyes, can’t see me
cancel me, do your thing
jealous p~ssy b~tch salty that i’m still out here shining
i count racks, increasing these commas, one day you’ll be behind me
(yg mo$e$)
i’m gonna be rapping these bars, talking you down with the stars high, i’m on mars
keeping it simple like cars
yg go far
hold up, you just wait for the glow up
cause when we blow up, nubbas better show up