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lirik lagu transit22 – super man took steroids (feat. astronautalis)


[hook ~ astronautalis]
these hands never met a rock they couldn’t lift
let’s pretend that i’m better than i’ve ever been
live the lie one more time for your good ol’ friend
cos you know one day you’ll just fade away
i fade away, you’ll fade away
cos you know one day we’ll just fade away

[verse 1 ~ transit22]
super man took steroids
pete rose placed bets
half of your heroes just do it for the paycheque
and we’re just so susceptible to pedestals enamored by politicians & jezebels on genitals
maybe were just looking for a substitute
like someone to look up to who can fill the void of daddy’s drug abuse
bieber poster come unglued
you make the switch to someone new
pour your heart to strangers but they will never love you too
as kids when we play we put our cape on
as teens we play we put our jays on
college years pumping gas at a save on
escaping through the glamour of a drake song
with these naive eyes i’ve seen dudes i idolize
snortin stuff that looks like white flower no edelweiss
seen my hero wrap a belt on arm & tie it tight
they stripped away his belt from him at the title fight

[verse 2 ~ transit22]
foolish loyalty is all i walk the plank with
heart often vacant, acting ostentacious
when the princess in the folklore puts make~up on her cold sore
maybe that’s the reason that these girls don’t feel normal
maybe that’s the reason we loving watching the kardashians
to laugh at them and laugh it off, a long day with glass of scotch
as a kid i shaved 23 in my head
jordan 12’s had the black & white & white & red
then i heard jordan had a gamblin’ problem
and had an affair i didn’t care 23 in my hair
grew older and became more aware
disappointed fans i’ve had my fair share
they think we’re so innocent but we are only business men
and when they see that man they can’t be a kid again
they can’t be a kid again
so take this cape from my itchy skin


[verse 3 ~ astronautalis]
i was full of p~ss & vinegar
could throw a frozen rope
from right there to third base
to shatter all your hope
i breathe life into your dinner
i could tell a solid joke
glide across the dance floor
so smooth you swore i float
folks knew i was a winner
since before i learned to walk
a firm handshake was my signature
you’d trust me when i talk
it’s true i could begin again
i wouldn’t change a grain of salt
but no one tells a sprinter anythin’ of how it feels to fall
it’s all victories & solid gold
records ya soon to break & cups you’ll hold
and then one day you feel ’em gettin’ close
their breath upon ya neck is hotter than a summer night back home
that’s when you feel it slip a little bit
no fall at all
just a glimpse you might be losin’ grip
so what the heck you gonna go & do with this?
anythin’, to keep ’em held at a distance, kid
keep them wolves’ t~~th off your neck
run ’till you lose your breath
’till you feel your heart daintily collapse inside your chest