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lirik lagu totem skin – still waters run deep


what once was means of unity
has turned to fodder for a profit spree
they’re checking pulses and taking notes
to force their insolance down your throat

every entry and every word
is taken to a level absurd
their voice announce a prompt ally
to choices manufactured by

an enterprise promise
to the highest bidding
and you are the product
you are what they’re selling
coersed we succumb to
a greedy bellowing
we all are the product
we are what they’re selling

this is what it’s come to ~
we are what they’re selling
it’s a fact which they imbue
we are what they’re selling

justified through distorted truth
and crooked views of the uncouth
a bold faced lie made solely to
numb and control while scamming you

reject the notions that they espouse
embrace resistance that will arouse
make them give up, make them give in
and turn upside down their grin

release what you keep within