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lirik lagu tomm¥ €a$h – prorapsuperstar


[produced by ☯ŧæяü汰ムo☺]

real professional rap superstar presents
original master

[verse 1]
throw your junk in the trunk, it’s ride or die
riders never die, we just multiply
leave no survivors hold the fame in my -n-s
the world is mine i’ll penetrate it with my both hands
can be a rap superstar so easy
count all this cheddar sign all the t-tties
not forget the lyrics, change all the physics
d-mn it feels good to be a gangster

i draw masterpieces
my chick is a canvas and the brush is my p-n-s
my hands are golden
so i’ll write like jesus leave your legs open
i’ll take you to venus
i’ll be still wearing socks cl-ssic 3 stripe adidas
they will never see us
’cause i’m faster than light
and i reach deeper

да, давай!
э, давай!

and beat start bopping here boy

э! э! э!

чё? ну так!
чё? ну так!
чё? ну так!

[verse 2]
you’re always on my mind, like my p-ssword
i’ll poke you so much, i’ll make your -ss hurt
let’s login together and unplug forever
internet explorers the future’s above us
take off like a rocket always hold my d-ck in my pocket
real thugs limit-crasher the beat-smasher the rare mashup
never will p-ss up
crush it down my fingers full of crystal
l!ck the blunt the taste is so blissful
open my chakras i turn into a cyclops
my name is cash tommy
this is for you suckers