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lirik lagu (tnp) doowop – str8 off tha rip


doowop – “str8 off tha rip”


str8 of the rip
im moving as cold as the winter
im out w my n-ggas, they all got them sticks
and shorty we givin out splinters
im out w ya hoe and hoe from my city, and i’m laying right in the center
im praying that jesus forgive me be tonight, cuz shorty im gon be a sinner

and im on a roll n-gga
im making a banger
no effort
im really fulfilling my goals n-gga
i might wipe his nose n-gga
but who really knows n-gga
i make me a video, get me some views;
continue to grow n-gga
i’m doowop i’m go n-gga

and my name is doowop, and i’m kinda new to the rap sh-t
these n-ggas be saying they better than me, so they musta be drinking that cap sh-t
remember these be the same n-gga that flex on the book, but ain never gon slap sh-t
i’m working on music and money, ain worried b-tches, i ain trynna crack sh-t

and im gifted, i move like the x-men
too humble, i don’t needa flex man
you dumb if you marry the b-tch tht i been w cuz i’m finna slam w ya best man
and i carry my weight like a hand stand
im so cold, and they dont understand man
and ik you be hating my glow, and i know it fasho, but it’s part of the plan man