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lirik lagu tne jaypee – i know


tne jaypee
p~ssy ass n~ggas
now i know
now i know
yeah yeah yeah

knew that n~gga was a snake so i had to mow the grass (grass)
plotting on a n~gga make a move then that’s ya ass
(then that’s ya ass)
ain’t worried bout no beef n~gga i’m worried bout this cash
(bout this cash)
focused on my new b~tch ain’t worried bout my last
at all
at all
all i do is ball (yep)
stacking for the winter bout to spend it in the fall (duh)
you still ain’t got that money n~gga why you tryna stall?
huh? (gun shot sounds)
put his sh~t against the wall (haa)
ain’t playing bout no paper b~tch this ain’t no play dough (nope)
hitting l!cks after l!cks now it’s time to lay low (yep)
brick after brick swear to god they gont go (fasho)
got it for eight but i charge 24 (kobe)
tax, i had to do it (yep)
30 bows a week man you know we running through it (duh)
ain’t paying for no driver so you knew i f~cking flew it
foot on n~ggas necks i can show you how to do it
taking risk all my life this ain’t none nеw (at all)
i already hit her friend now hеr friend wanna f~ck too (come on)
say she love her a trap dude (haa)
she say you cute bald head having money plus you rap too (i know it)
yea yea that sh~t cool but i ain’t a trick (nope)
ion even want the p~ssy you can suck the d~ck (come here)
call that b~tch my lil sucker all she do is l!ck (come here)
p~rn star up in the p~ssy we can shoot a fl!ck (come here)
off of hoes now it’s back to this paper (to this paper)
hitting l!cks i’ll be in the booth later (in the booth later)
on my grind i ain’t talking bout no skater (talking bout no skater)
in that water i’m a big alligator (raw)
these n~ggas worried about hoes and clothes (why)
my main focus is flipping these bows (flipping these bows)
i’m legit i got posters in stores (posters in stores)
like finesse b~tch i need me some more some more some more
tne jaypee p~ssy n~ggas
new years sh~t
on they necks, on they necks
on they necks, on they necks
on them n~ggas necks
all year long this sh~t easy
2023 i’m up two million like i’m peezy
tne jaypee
p~ssy ass n~ggas

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