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lirik lagu thompson square – who loves who more


“who loves who more”

a little house
a solid roof
where our world is almost trouble proof
but i’m heading off
to the reason i gotta leave you waving goodbye
it’s a good job, good pay
but a long run in a rat race
working overtime
in the grit and grime
i just can’t wait to get back
to where the issue is

who loves who more
you say you do
i say i do
you say that’s true
but baby who’s keeping score
cause i win and you win
when it’s who loves who more

the whistle blows
i hit the road
stop along the way to buy roses
i can hardly wait
til’ the minute i can walk it in
and see you smile
back at home you’re cooking up
something that you know i love
baby pour the wine
and i’ll hit the lights
then you and me’ll get tangled in a heated little battle of


more than i do baby
i’m loving the way we go back and forth
and around and


who loves who
who loves who

(you say you do and i say i do and you say that’s true but baby
a little house, solid roof
the worlds almost trouble proof)

who loves who
who loves who
who loves who

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