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lirik lagu the social – on the shore


it’s the dead of winter
i hate this state
there’s snow and ice
and nowhere to play
the music scene isn’t far from dead
every show i play
makes me dread the next

it’s cold as h-ll
and i hate the north
this town sucks
and there’s no support
there’s nothing fun to do anymore
for far too many years i’ve been far to bored

bring me the beach
bring me the sun
bring me the girls
bring on everyone
lets lose our morals and scream for more
while we party all night on the sh-r-

there’s four inches now
here comes seven more
i’m so sick of being indoors
my stuff’s in bed left on the floor
but right now that’s what i call home

a month from now everything will change
i’ll be on the beach during spring break
living it up and living right
making the best of everything in site