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lirik lagu the lonely walk – ufeelme


i’ve been hiding here inside where
no one sees what i’ve decided
who i will be
what i will do
all in all i will be there for you

hear my whisper in the night
i’m calling for you in some past times
now i found what i knew waited
since i left what you have said was right
now i know, that i will feel just fine
some day soon, without you by my side

you got me falling on my knees
i wish i haven’t felt the things i’ve seen
but with all my little needs
i stay thankful i stay pleased
i feel sick when they start to talk about the most unimportant thing
i feel left out when they discuss what their futurе might just bring
i feel hatred when they liе and say it’s not their fault
everybody knows that we could change and stop the fall of this world

but i know
u feel me
sooth my soul
set me free
yeah i know
u feel me
sooth my soul
set me free