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lirik lagu the game – hoodmorning



hood morning
hood morning
hood morning
hood morning

[verse 1:]
no motherf-ckin’ typo
that’s like westside, compton with no psychos
that’s like beverly hills with no lipo
f-ck around and jack some five, no michael
h-llo, a hundred thousand in the mattresses
i’m hollywood, yeah, i only f-ck actresses
i’m in cannes, france
you don’t know where that sh-t is
slr, that’s where the ratchet is
i’m in the amber rose rolls with amber rose hoes
sorry wiz, that’s how the rap sh-t, it is
you can take it as a shot or free promo
but everybody in this motherf-cker know i’m loco
anne rogers [?], knock the man off your polo
used to scare the sh-t out you n-gg-rs with my old flow
post-doc-mentary, comptons most wanted
i’ll finish you off like this corona while i’m yawning
i’ll finish you off like this corona while i’m yawning
and roll up that og kush, like motherf-cker


[verse 2:]
me and skee been doing this
y’all had snoop
i’ll put the piru in this
look at all these fake -ss bloods trying to ruin it
everything red down to the ‘ye louis kicks
and who is this?
with the all red crucifix
navy blue cardinal fitted, i’m a lunatic
flow like the uzi spit
hoppin’ out the newest sh-t, windows down
disturbin’ the peace!
b-tch, i’m ludacris
used to be on the block moving rocks from 2 to 6
jimmy iovine money, feeding on some jewish sh-t
whips transform
shia lebouf my newest sh-t
caramelo yellow camaro 22’s
and if a n-gg- run up
i’m a f-ck dem up
i sung your new rap n-gg-s, [?]

west coast n-gg-s got crazy game
when you get off the plane
better guard your chain
man f-ck this sh-t
mars tell these motherf-ckers