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lirik lagu the flaming lips – the ego’s last stand


[verse 1]
it’s heavier now
once you see their faces
oh, they’re just like us

it’s heavier once
you stand in their places
oh, the ego is crushed

[verse 2]
the only way out
is destroy all traces
oh, destroying yourself

there’s no way back
it’s complete devastation
oh, there’s no way out

[verse 3]
no way out
how can you still believe
what you believe

there’s no way out
how can you believe
what you still believe

[verse 4]
the red worm is calm
the dawn’s shadow changes
oh, the sparrow looks up

red spots on the sun
is there evil in nature
oh, the eagle’s spread claw

[verse 5]
an invisible cloud
makes invisible changes
oh, the ant takes the crumb

a man holds a gun
there’s no explanation
oh, he shoots at the sun