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lirik lagu the cats (jonas vaduva) – rap cat


yo (yo) my name is ryan (my name is ryan)

[verse 1]
my name is ryan i am the rap cat the fat cat that is best at rapping about stupid things that real songs are never about
what their about is actually important but im a rap cat a fat cat named ryan who isn’t actually fat but raps
what i rap about is about me and how cool i am , my bro sevy isn’t as cool as me he’s just annoyin me 247 but he’s still adorable
and my sister max, well, she’s just handful

my name is ryan the rap cat the fat cat that raps about stuff, all the time. im an old cat that eats wet food all the time because i’m constantly hungry for some reason

[verse 2]
i broke my hip i was a baby i got brought inside and i’m spoiled now cuz i always get all the food i want and i get to watch tv all the time, my favorite show is breaking bad and i watch it with jonas and dad all the time
i also watch game of thrones with dad and jade, all the time

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