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lirik lagu the black codex – a wolf among the sheep


[acario] (to lev)
what brings you here in my castle?
you’ve come from afar
and yet i do know who you are, my friend
so don’t pretend you happen to come here by chance
and this wasn’t part of your plan

your reputation is faster than you, so it seems
a master of plans and of schemes, i hear
and as with me, your name is both loathed and feared
now tell me: what brings you here?

we’re only p-ssing through these lands
there are those who caught our scent
they’ll be coming soon for our heads
now we ask for your defense

there is a feast in the castle tomorrow, and i
know that there are those who conspire at night
to end my life, so hereby i promise i’ll fight
for your cause as you’ll fight for mine

(one day later, at the feast in the castle…)

[ezio] (to lev)
how would you know if among this crowd
a k!ller was creeping about?
biding his time, he makes no sound
could you tell without doubt?

how would you know someone out of place?
could you tell by his eyes?
you think you could tell by the look on his face?
and see through his disguise?

how would you know the minds of men?
the secrets that they keep?
how would you know, by the sight of them
a wolf among the sheep?

how would you know who would k!ll for the throne?
see how they walk around
only one moves in straight lines, the mad ones don’t
they aimlessly wander about

there he comes!