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lirik lagu the afters – thank god i’m not the one


thank god i’m not the one

how could you walk when you went down that dusty street
how could you speak when all your friends checked out
how could you love after the great betrayal
how could you reach out when they nailed you down

true as true can be
that’s what they say you are to me when i’m so fake
does your heart ache
if i had been the one i would not have been that strong
if i had been the one, yeah, i’d have been long gone

how could you hang on with your mama crying
how could you keep on breathing in and out
how could you watch while your whole world was dying
did it all happen cause we let you down

[repeat chorus]

and all the things we think of as eternal would come undone
all i have to say is when i’m praying
is “thank god i’m not the one”