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lirik lagu temple of void – the gift


upon your doorstep sat a mortifying piece
tightly packaged parcel
wrapped neatly with care
initially innocuous, but upon a closer glance: wear and much depreciation, and lacking a return address?
“who could have sent this?”
as you bring the box inside and tear away the moldy tape and twine the gift reveals its grisly image: a grotesque visage made of bone
a human skull
no explanation
but with features that are oddly familiar
you feel an eerie sense of dread
as you run your fingers along its calcified structure
pulling open the jaws only to find the t~~th match your own
denial sets in
this cannot be
you’re still alive, within your home
was this sent from the future?
or just some morbid trick? –
as you peer into the empty sockets you can only guess how long until it’s your turn to be the one on the inside looking out?