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lirik lagu tellem x – intervention (interlude)


they say money talks i’m quiet a n~gga
cause i’m on different quest i’m tryna get my money up
n~ggas with a doctorate and they smoking on the marijane
hopeless with the dreams so they giving up the passion
my bigger bro an artist but he hopeless cannot sleep
depression hitting hard and therapy be h~lla pricey
gotta take a path i know he’s thinking bout the noose
don’t you do it

suicidal thoughts hit when i’m down
picture perfect n~gga deep inside a n~gga breaking down
cannot tell my destiny i’m puzzled with a missing piеce
got no father figure had to figurе out my missing piece
there’s like way too many n~ggas putting up a front
lonely in the dark and they don’t have somebody close enough

every n~gga taught to be a man cannot shed a tear
now we stuck with toxic n~ggas who don’t even open up
they can’t love n0body in this world cause don’t know love
from a different typa cloth don’t you push me though
cause im on leash don’t mean that i don’t got no demons bro
certainly i pray that all my n~ggas get the money bro