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lirik lagu tayshotzz - repass



[verse 1: fastmoney goon]
i just copped a dirty stick
bro ‘nem sent the drop, it’s time to show them ’bout this murder biz
swiping cards, tryna go legit
lil’ n~gga, you speakin’ on me, but i never even heard of jit

[verse 2: ybeezy]
n0body died? then we gon’ spin that b~tch again then
f~ck who he with, we gon’ k!ll him and his f~ckin’ friends
hanging with the opps and we gon’ put ’em in the blend then
you ain’t got the glock, then i’ll take the fn then

[verse 3: backstreet tk]
i ain’t never heard of him
hop out, then i murder him
them k!llers spinned his block, what they did? they t~shirt’ed him
we can slide back to back and we can go rack for rack
since that n~gga actin’ p~ssy, knock that tat up off his hat

[verse 4: tayshotzz]
speakin’ on the f~ckin’ guys, you can meet your f~ckin’ maker
digging bodies up of out the ground, like the undertaker
f~ck that n~gga, bust his f~ckin’ wig and watch his body drop
no need to do no f~ckin’ drive~by’s, we hoppin’ out the car
[verse 5: fastmoney goon & backstreet tk]
they caught him lackin’ like a addict and start shooting, huh?
they jumped out on him from [?], he missed his uber, huh?
he missed his uber, chopper dumb, i think he need a tutor
tryna catch him downtown, while he riding on them scooters
we got draco’s, fn, glocks, and we got ruger’s
all my n~ggas ‘nem got bodies, check the news, boy, you ain’t stupid
neck shot, headshot
glizzy tucked, feds out
he like, “why you had to leave?”, ’cause that p~ssy dead now

[verse 6: tayshotzz & ybeezy]
yeah, that p~ssy dead now
faceshot, green dot
swing the block, clear it out
reverse the clip, we poppin’ out
strapped like a dyk~, like it don’t like n~ggas
all that protool thuggin’, better keep your f~ckin’ pipe, n~gga, it’s a ugly sight
switches on them glocks, yeah, them b~tches fast
beatin’ down your block, we do that sh~t just like a marching band
spinned that b~tch so much that i caught whiplash
laid that n~gga to rest, then f~cked around and hit the repast, he can’t get up

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