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lirik lagu sxlve lazuli – interlude 2/up to me


[verse 1 : sxlve lazuli]
elevators taking long

i’m upstairs
might trip

ain’t gonna fall

but autumn folks
gonna fall

too bad that a niqqa
always on his phone


i don’t really pay attention

unless i’m getting paid attention

you should get the bigger picture

you too worried bout the caption


niqqas referees
yeah they pick sides

i don’t really have to say much

i’m too focus
on my tack

got your back


make plans

different route for the road to the riches

black and white
my vans

black and white
like my life is a movie way back

[beat switch]
[interlude 1 hugo tylxr opening]

drip in bambi
i got no stylist

nikey jordan niqqa
i cop it
[verse 2: hugo tylxr]

i know you n-ggas is hating
you tryna get my attention

being dope is a habit. i gotta put it in fashion

drip too hard
better watch your step
the floor is wet
don’t slip

you know the gang is lit

smoke too much
don’t trip

been down n-gga, i gotta get lit

i’m on a mission i gotta get rich

how many n-ggas is stuck in a pit

i never quit
a n-gga legit

to be the king
you gotta commit

(the heat is on but n-gga don’t cap)

we the ones standing
sh-t, i’m flatter’d

f-ck your b-tch
leave a niqqa shattered

[beat switch]
[verse 1: sxlve lazuli – up to me]

on the realer
i started a1

shvt is crazy
i only begun

in the hood
i’m like f-ck it done

gotta do it
like i gotta son

gotta do it like i gotta uh flip

gotta do it like i gotta city behind

i need my girl to remind me

who the f-ck is a joker to bruce