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lirik lagu ​stillvanishing – life to life


[intro: westside gunn]

[verse 1: westside gunn]
ayo—i was in my cell, i cl!cked my heels three times
pink just 2’s, my khaki~suit mastermind
water whip, toss the coke in the alkaline
platinum and gold, ron english hat to the side
immaculate rhyme (immaculate rhyme)—it’s so obvious
watchin’ the world from up top—snakeskin binoculars
red companions, kaws x’s on a suede mansion
my band room had a bedroom—my wrist be dancin’ (my wrist be dancin’)
my band room had a bedroom—my wrist be dancin’
the flyest that’s livin’, we live and die by the kitchen
choppin’ on dishes, grab the pot for ambition, we had hopped over fences
banana yellow fiskers (skrrrrrt)
pushin’ crack like wе invented it
jeff koons, louiе rubens duffle got ten in it (got ten in it)
kobe jordan, pack we was kickin’ it (we was kickin’ it)
anti social social club wit’ the snub, yo (boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
gave the tec a lil’ love bro (brr)
grand wizard, patek band, lizard, hand~kissin’
miami beach, geigers on biscayne (biscayne)
my shooter seen his po and p~ss came (p~ss came)
thank god for my wrist game (wrist game)
countin’ money in the bubble bath
whip the half and got another half (whip)
rockin’ vetements, backhand you with the 40
ask lord, your head’ll spin, a cold war leatherman
you will never be better than, shots echoing
(doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)
pulled up, red gl, looking all devilish
[verse 2: mf doom]
jumpin’ to a conclusion could stunt your evolution
like the trees, dumped into some dust~blunt fusion
old c~cktail of mine, chemicals derail time
it’s all good, as long’s he ain’t inhaling swine
dare decline, scared money makes none
take one, you should’ve flushed before the jakes come
old shart—specialty is flow art
smart, but go in circles like a go~kart
yeah, don’t start, make ’em have to finish
just bounce like gold~diggers, once the dough diminish
phony, it gets lonely at the finish (yup)
you see some deal dope, others steal hope
what’s revealed is of a certain feel, grope
yellow, moist, mushie; banana~peeled coke
at worst; could not be confused with real soap
nope, you see, disaster is intended
in the face of truth, don’t ever be offended
overstand the past to get a grasp of the present (psst)
i make it faster than you spends it
end it

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